Pupil student friend !

we, rustling of collective, We went to Limbazi 3. high school, where the event took, to provide young people with information on the, who we are, what to do, why it is important to pay attention to reforestation and conservation. The main idea, which we wanted to put, was a call to his profession linked to the forest sector. event, information on the forest sector, He shared the Latvian University of Agriculture and Technical School in Ogre. Rustling collective represented 6 people. Six classes, we introduced young people with useful information about birds, trees, harvesters, hunting, forest use and care. lessons from 6. – 8. Class led by rustling young, but from 9.-12. class, prodekāns – Jānis Krūmiņš. he, future graduates, provided information about opportunities to study in the Faculty of Forest.

(League Marco) young people presented and practically demonstrated, as is done correctly tree tree measurements and tree heights. Later followed by activity time. Young people carried away wooden games, which it was applied to logical thinking. Exercise in both young, and rustling team. That day was very valuable and positive emotions overflowing.

Pupil student friend

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