Rustling Jaunkalsnava issuing hunting glory

As a hunting day speech acknowledged our seniors Martins Ailt, Rustling is rich in its traditions. One of them - the rustling of traditional hunting – revived quite recently - four years ago,. Accepted, that hunting involved not only active members and our vecbiedri, but also to invite guests from the faculty and the Latvian forest industry. In total we were really a lot - about 50 engine and hunters.

So hunters, their rifles shoulders, and engines, a large wading tune, 1. December came Jaunkalsnava, to carry away the glory of this hunting. And played.

For special mood hunts took care Gedriuss guest from Lithuania, who embodied the hunts unfortunately endangered Latvian tradition - hunting horn blowing.

This year's first successful shots performed our prospective candidate member Peter Husband, that game was the deer bull. He along with his queen, our active members Dace, also managed to perfectly discharge evening.

From rustling party thank you very much for the successful activities of MPS Director Edgars Šmaukstelim, MPS 'Kalsnava "collective and John Putnam for hunting driver duties, vecbiedriem Maris Gacka and Karl Skrastiņš, Linards locusts, pavārītēm, who fed us delicious, šoferītim, who delivered us back and forth, and all, all other, who helped in the organization of hunting.

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