Ended shooting competitions

Although very thick not to attend, our organized shooting competitions but issuing. How than – Faculty of better and more sensitive but arrived. During the race there was a fun atmosphere - other rejoiced 1 shoot and get the point, but another hurt, What do these and only 35 section.

As a result 6 girls' competition best was Katrina Jaunslaviete (MZ 3), Dace Clover (MY 4) and Zane Zvejniece (MZ 2). Certainly deserve praise Anna Liepiņa (MZ 3), Ineta Eglīte (MZ 4) and Elina Oak (MZ 1).

Guys fight was fiercer. Among them about 20 people in the competition won by Peter Husband (MY 2), Next best was Reinis Picka (MZ 3) and Tom Sarkanaboli (MZ 3).

Thank Sports Commission and head of Valery Peter arranged for events!

shooting competitions

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