Forest berths for the Olympic Games

relay team:
enlightenment Relay (out at berths)
sage bushwhacker (4. floor)
Team work (4. floor)
Musical afternoon (2. floor)
tug (3. floor)
Blow wind (4. floor)
fragile Pyramid (3. floor)

individual relay:
endurance test ( 3. floor)
awkward Relay (2. floor)
blind floorball(3. floor)
weight balls (422. room)
Mežinieku basketball (2. floor)
tricky balloon (2. floor)
push-ups (3. floor)

Supporters: LUA sports center, Restaurant Duke, Fitland, and Music Club Jelgava Shirts

Prize giving will take place in Jelgava shirt
to 24:00 MF students entrance Jelgava shirts for free.

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