Cross Country 2012

For many it may seem - why a person of good will a cold and rainy autumn afternoon to go to the forest, run by Duplo, soaked in the pond and do who knows what else dullības? The answer lies in the, that this man is bushwhacker or simply someone, whom forest is close to the heart.

Thinking about such people, we, Student Society "rustling" in collaboration with the Faculty of Forest and MPS Jelgava, We organize the annual adventure race Cross Country, which, showing team spirit and cohesion, take hurdle track, focus area.

This year 10. October afternoon was really autumn, but it did not interfere with running enthusiasts in great numbers to attend the competition, representing a total of 12 team. It proved to be the fastest team "MK Mole", which started in the Forest Faculty 4. year students John asterisk, Atis Oga, Sarah and Karina Pušpure Cirse. It was also awarded the most attractive team.

Many participants recognized, that the measure every year it gets better and this year the track was a particularly interesting. So let's start to train now, to next year in the woods runners are even more!

Nr.p.k. Contestants Team Time Place
Ineta Freimane
Anastasia Vasileva
Alvis Gribusts
Klavs Eihmanis
Anchors 1:37:12 12
Martins Vimba
Valery Kušnirs
Edvīns Osis
Eve Ločmele
Water rushes 0:36:15 3
Rihards Ķepīte
Dace Clover
Peter Husband
Janis Zarins
DC čilin 0:32:58 2
Atis Button
John asterisk
Liene Pušpure
Karina Cirse
MK_Kurmis 0:37:50 1
Oscar Zemītis
John Apfelbaums
Dāvis Master
Eve Rudevičs
I do not know 0:48:01 6
Maris Bloom
Kristine Dabra
Ilgvals Ivanov
Gatis Minkovičs
Very good question 0:51:56 8
Arnolds Abrams
Liena Kuļijeva
Marcis Dergučs
Marcis Freimanis
Elk and CO 0:44:59 4
Edgars Jansons
Leonid Beluško
Martins Lapins
Zane Ģierte
Beech 0:48:20 7
Annie Grebeža
Arnis Salmiņš
Artists linars
Karl Lazdiņš
Free 0:54:05 9
Karl Skrastiņš
Why Badauķis
Martins Gristiņš
Zaiga Zvirbule
Collective farm 0:55:02 10
Oscar Grīnfelds
Roland Cirsis
Roberts Cicens
Katrina Jaunslaviete
Twyla Mak 0:57:30 11
Raivis Tauriņš
Emil Krastiņš
John Uzkliņģe
Guna Brence
Not now not 0:47:21 5


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