Forest berths for the Olympic Games

relay team:
enlightenment Relay (out at berths)
sage bushwhacker (4. floor)
Team work (4. floor)
Musical afternoon (2. floor)
tug (3. floor)
Blow wind (4. floor)
fragile Pyramid (3. floor)

individual relay:
endurance test ( 3. floor)
awkward Relay (2. floor)
blind floorball(3. floor)
weight balls (422. room)
Mežinieku basketball (2. floor)
tricky balloon (2. floor)
push-ups (3. floor)

Supporters: LUA sports center, Restaurant Duke, Fitland, and Music Club Jelgava Shirts

Prize giving will take place in Jelgava shirt
to 24:00 MF students entrance Jelgava shirts for free.

Pupil student friend !

we, rustling of collective, We went to Limbazi 3. high school, where the event took, to provide young people with information on the, who we are, what to do, why it is important to pay attention to reforestation and conservation. The main idea, which we wanted to put, was a call to his profession linked to the forest sector. event, information on the forest sector, He shared the Latvian University of Agriculture and Technical School in Ogre. Rustling collective represented 6 people. Six classes, we introduced young people with useful information about birds, trees, harvesters, hunting, forest use and care. lessons from 6. – 8. Class led by rustling young, but from 9.-12. class, prodekāns – Jānis Krūmiņš. he, future graduates, provided information about opportunities to study in the Faculty of Forest.

(League Marco) young people presented and practically demonstrated, as is done correctly tree tree measurements and tree heights. Later followed by activity time. Young people carried away wooden games, which it was applied to logical thinking. Exercise in both young, and rustling team. That day was very valuable and positive emotions overflowing.

Pupil student friend

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Riga Zoo

Hand in hand with the work // Grābekli grābeklī pie darba. Teica Šalkone, dodoties ciemos uz Rīgas Zooloģisko dārzu ikgadējā talkā. 🐯🐻🐸🐷🐵🐘 There were also picnic at the bear home, the delight of the blue frogs, green birds and in the end – hopping kangaroos.

Zoo talc 2015.

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Ball ”Forest evening”

Again, with a grand outcome has closed the traditional ball “Forest evening”, that, unlike in previous years, It was first organized in the autumn – 28.October, thus enabling LLU students to spend a wonderful evening in the heart of each MEŽINIEKU – Forest Faculty of the fall semester!
The event was invited to participate in all the faculties of LLU, teachers and the graduates, as a result the ball visitors reached a record amount – over 800 people.
During the evening, guests were entertained by a group “Lustig Blumīzers”, interested parties had the opportunity to watch the magic of the artist George Gavrilova magic tricks, including the first floor of the Faculty worked well photocorner, where everyone was able to perpetuate the beautiful ballroom moments. For hungry bellies took care café “Nobody”. Ballroom culmination was cleared ballroom King and Queen title winners – Oscar Eiduks of LUA Faculty of Rural Engineering and Nora Vabulis of LUA Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
Student associations “Sough” Team wants to say a sincere thank you to each guest the magnificent ballroom, tuneful musicians, sponsors – DNB Bank, timber company Ltd. “KveilaM”, Book store "Globe", pub "Room", as well as jewelery virtuoso "Lile Hearts" and ,of course, Industrious work dwarfs, who took care of the organization of points, space presentation and decorating.
See you on the next ball Mežinieku – very soon – SPRING!!!

Cross Country

2015. annual 14. October took place for the sixth Forest Faculty (MF) Student associations “Sough” organized cross-country – orienteering “Cross Country”

Competition tradition started five years ago and in collaboration with “Forest Research Station” Ozolnieku going off-road in forests, where nature itself taken care of the possibilities to test the team unity and spirit of sport - the contestants crossed the track stand, characterized with water to slow him down paths, pond, mound, many impressive width and depth ditches and good atmosphere.



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hunting talc, Jaunkalsnava

Good job, rendered!
Three days did a lot of work – Disruption of dam beaver, We created a hunter firing line, made forest sitting treatment.
Thanks to diligent work dwarfs, as well as colleagues from the MPS Jaunkalsnava.
We see you next year!

Miss and Mister Contest

Traditional Forest Day contest, which is looking for the most talented of the Faculty, the most attractive and gallant first-year students, Diana won Supe and Aris Pūseps. For vice-miss and vice-crowned Mr. Elijah Reihlers and Nikita Beluško.



Entrants, presenting yourself, as reasons, why exactly Forest joined the Faculty, said love for nature, the family traditions of the forest sector and hunting, as well as a rich bridegrooms and beautiful girls searches.

Talent show contestants demonstrated his ability to recite poetry, dance in the most diverse genres of dance, ranging from folk dancing to salsa, Actors makings comical episodes and soccer demonstrations. Future Mr. played the saxophone-known tunes, but mis forests fun sketches with elements of theater of sport.

Bright and striking contestants turned fashion show, where students portrayed a celebrity, the audience hall trying to unravel - the new students for football had drawn Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, If Fridas, Olga Rajecka, Mysterious Bina, Zemgusa Girgenson, and other images.

Viewers got the biggest crush on Nikita Beluško, a talent show demonstrated his comic talent, fashion show portrayed Sir Lanselotu, but the audience got Evelina Samson, dancing of country dances and depicting the Pink Panther.


95 years since the existence of Latvian higher forest education

Latvian University of Agriculture (LUA) Faculty of Forestry (MF) this year was marked in bright shades – 17. October marked three important anniversaries for the forest sector. Already passed round 95 years since the existence of Latvian higher forest education, 75 years noted LLU MF, while 10 years running Ltd. "Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute” (SIA "Meka”).

Jelgava Palace Aula ceremonial meeting, met several hundred staff, students, graduates, Professionals working in the forest sector and guests. The event was opened MF dean Dagnis Dubrovskis, who heads the faculty of 2003. annual. He informed the audience about current events in the MF during the last five years of operation, which ensured its competitiveness at international and global level.

“MF is one of the most active faculties of the University with his perseverance and willingness to cooperate at the international level. Every year the exchange of experience worldwide leaving dozens of MF students, aimed at acquiring knowledge in other countries cooperation Faculty of Forestry. Also with us we are visiting exchange students from both Lithuania, Finland, While Germany, Czech Republic and Greece. In contrast, the MF has close links with businesses, to promote scientific development and providing high-quality internships for our students. Every Wednesday of the forest sector specialists led by guest lectures, revealing the most actual information available and nuances, which should be familiar to any worker in the forest sector. By contrast, cooperation in science led to the creation of modern laboratory, where the Faculty of improvement of material basis, invested around 1,5 million euros. Thank Faculty professors, partners and people, who invested time and energy in important work!”

In contrast, the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvian Janis Dūklavs, who then graduated from the Faculty of Forestry 1976. per year, shared stories of academic year, Recalling last year experienced, when the teacher was a crucial decision - to let Duklāvi Mr complete “forests” or not: “Forests are cared for and respect from ancient times. Even today, the forest industry is, who saved the Latvian economy in tough times. I obtained a diploma, and I feel about their honored!”

During the event were voiced countless thanks and good wishes for both faculty, and staff. Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Forests” Board member Edwin Zakovics MF compared with cone, that, opened scales, provides a new environment, mature seeds, giving power of the forest nozerei again flourish and thrive.

“MF always been used been able to hold together a precursor, starting with those, I know, and ending with the heads of the gray, which have given invaluable experience on the road to growth. Pleas in law and love for the job, are inserted properly!” so E. Zakovics.

Including the contribution of the Faculty working life also notes the State Forest Service Director General Andis chair: “Latvian Forest was, It is and will be a great asset, therefore common and managers have always been and will be necessary for the national economy.”

LLU student associations “Sough” Seigneur Leonid Beluško faculty wished a bright future for the development and future work, Dean has given or piece desk lamp as a memorial sign of the members;.

Immediately after the solemn concert students of the Faculty, graduates and other guests were invited to attend the Faculty of Forest and wood processing Department cozy rooms, where informal atmosphere continued reunion celebration.

  1. October is already at the. 12 MF was held dedicated to the anniversary conference, where D. Dubrovskis statio of the Faculty – its activities today and in the future plans. Guests were invited to visit the MF and LUA Ltd. “MeKA” Open lectures departments and look at the newly established laboratory. By contrast, in the courtyard of the Faculty was opened in Jelgava municipality donated pine cone ceramic sculpture, where its presence Faculty honored also sculptures Author, ceramist Ilze Emse-Greenberg.

Cross Country

  1. 8. October took place for the fifth LUA Forest Faculty (MF) Student associations “Sough” organized cross-country – orienteering “Cross Country”, which he won the MF and Rural Engineering Faculty (LIF) students represented team.

How to inform the student association “Sough” Sports Commission manager Edmunds Šepovalovs, This year the race started in the MF and LIF represented team, a, although the number of participants was not the biggest, had come to the very best: “Participants had jāizskrien marked track, throughout its length performance of various tasks - buried obstacles, erudition check, balancing test, Cone throwing, cutting discs, and finally after the hump pievārēšanas – wade through the pond and the raft delivery from one coast to the other.”

Performing track 22 minutes and 26 Sekudai, for competition winners became the team “4 euro” (Saiva Kārkliņa, Peter Husband, Sergey Kozlov, Janis Zarins). The second most powerful (23 minutes) It was “Šņucītis” (John Šņucītis, Dāvis Blankenbergs, Mara Stoler, Artis Dude), while the third as the team reached the finish “Lunacy” (Eve Jaunslaviete, Agita Gabranova, Elmārs Bušujevs, Martins Petersons) with the result 25 minutes.

Competition tradition started five years ago and in collaboration with “Forest Research Station” Ozolnieku going off-road in forests, where nature itself taken care of the possibilities to test the team unity and spirit of sport - the contestants crossed the track stand, characterized with water to slow him down paths, pond, mound, many impressive width and depth ditches and good atmosphere.


New employment act

17.May Heaven Bells cellar, below the Hotel Jelgava, meeting took place in the spring semester. Although the meeting did not come to a lot of people, all were successfully negotiated. Overall, the meeting was attended by 22 šalkonieši, but during the evening with his presence honored us by other šalkonieši, are some reasons could not be part of the official.




Rustling Board remains constant composition:

Seniors – Leonid Beluško

Viciseniors – Marcis Cielava

Cashier – Alvis Cimža

Secretary – Santa Rozentāle

Treasurer – Oscar Grīnfelds


Congratulations on post acquisition:

Martha Kalnins – cultural commission heads

Edmund Šepovalovu – sports committee leaders

Ilze minor – Information Commission leaders

Catherine Jaunslavieti, Ati Buttons, Richard Ķepīte – Audit Commission

For the active members were admitted:

Anna Dūviņa, Dace Haide Dzelzkalēja, Marta Kalnins, Saiva Kārkliņa, Sigita Mūrniece, Eve Salmiņa, Ilze Details, Edmunds Šepovalovs, Kristaps Šobanovs, Agita Gabranova

As the only candidate briedrs presented itself Martins Landsman ( Mr. Woods 2014)

Since the composition of the Board remains unchanged, then hope, that mutual cooperation will improve, and all work will be carried out in a timely manner. As well as the joy of

10 new active members, so far already have proven themselves as active young people and hope, that it will continue.

Hand in hand with the work!