95 years since the existence of Latvian higher forest education

Latvian University of Agriculture (LUA) Faculty of Forestry (MF) this year was marked in bright shades – 17. October marked three important anniversaries for the forest sector. Already passed round 95 years since the existence of Latvian higher forest education, 75 years noted LLU MF, while 10 years running Ltd. "Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute” (SIA "Meka”).

Jelgava Palace Aula ceremonial meeting, met several hundred staff, students, graduates, Professionals working in the forest sector and guests. The event was opened MF dean Dagnis Dubrovskis, who heads the faculty of 2003. annual. He informed the audience about current events in the MF during the last five years of operation, which ensured its competitiveness at international and global level.

“MF is one of the most active faculties of the University with his perseverance and willingness to cooperate at the international level. Every year the exchange of experience worldwide leaving dozens of MF students, aimed at acquiring knowledge in other countries cooperation Faculty of Forestry. Also with us we are visiting exchange students from both Lithuania, Finland, While Germany, Czech Republic and Greece. In contrast, the MF has close links with businesses, to promote scientific development and providing high-quality internships for our students. Every Wednesday of the forest sector specialists led by guest lectures, revealing the most actual information available and nuances, which should be familiar to any worker in the forest sector. By contrast, cooperation in science led to the creation of modern laboratory, where the Faculty of improvement of material basis, invested around 1,5 million euros. Thank Faculty professors, partners and people, who invested time and energy in important work!”

In contrast, the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvian Janis Dūklavs, who then graduated from the Faculty of Forestry 1976. per year, shared stories of academic year, Recalling last year experienced, when the teacher was a crucial decision - to let Duklāvi Mr complete “forests” or not: “Forests are cared for and respect from ancient times. Even today, the forest industry is, who saved the Latvian economy in tough times. I obtained a diploma, and I feel about their honored!”

During the event were voiced countless thanks and good wishes for both faculty, and staff. Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Forests” Board member Edwin Zakovics MF compared with cone, that, opened scales, provides a new environment, mature seeds, giving power of the forest nozerei again flourish and thrive.

“MF always been used been able to hold together a precursor, starting with those, I know, and ending with the heads of the gray, which have given invaluable experience on the road to growth. Pleas in law and love for the job, are inserted properly!” so E. Zakovics.

Including the contribution of the Faculty working life also notes the State Forest Service Director General Andis chair: “Latvian Forest was, It is and will be a great asset, therefore common and managers have always been and will be necessary for the national economy.”

LLU student associations “Sough” Seigneur Leonid Beluško faculty wished a bright future for the development and future work, Dean has given or piece desk lamp as a memorial sign of the members;.

Immediately after the solemn concert students of the Faculty, graduates and other guests were invited to attend the Faculty of Forest and wood processing Department cozy rooms, where informal atmosphere continued reunion celebration.

  1. October is already at the. 12 MF was held dedicated to the anniversary conference, where D. Dubrovskis statio of the Faculty – its activities today and in the future plans. Guests were invited to visit the MF and LUA Ltd. “MeKA” Open lectures departments and look at the newly established laboratory. By contrast, in the courtyard of the Faculty was opened in Jelgava municipality donated pine cone ceramic sculpture, where its presence Faculty honored also sculptures Author, ceramist Ilze Emse-Greenberg.

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