Cross Country

  1. 8. October took place for the fifth LUA Forest Faculty (MF) Student associations “Sough” organized cross-country – orienteering “Cross Country”, which he won the MF and Rural Engineering Faculty (LIF) students represented team.

How to inform the student association “Sough” Sports Commission manager Edmunds Šepovalovs, This year the race started in the MF and LIF represented team, a, although the number of participants was not the biggest, had come to the very best: “Participants had jāizskrien marked track, throughout its length performance of various tasks - buried obstacles, erudition check, balancing test, Cone throwing, cutting discs, and finally after the hump pievārēšanas – wade through the pond and the raft delivery from one coast to the other.”

Performing track 22 minutes and 26 Sekudai, for competition winners became the team “4 euro” (Saiva Kārkliņa, Peter Husband, Sergey Kozlov, Janis Zarins). The second most powerful (23 minutes) It was “Šņucītis” (John Šņucītis, Dāvis Blankenbergs, Mara Stoler, Artis Dude), while the third as the team reached the finish “Lunacy” (Eve Jaunslaviete, Agita Gabranova, Elmārs Bušujevs, Martins Petersons) with the result 25 minutes.

Competition tradition started five years ago and in collaboration with “Forest Research Station” Ozolnieku going off-road in forests, where nature itself taken care of the possibilities to test the team unity and spirit of sport - the contestants crossed the track stand, characterized with water to slow him down paths, pond, mound, many impressive width and depth ditches and good atmosphere.


New employment act

17.May Heaven Bells cellar, below the Hotel Jelgava, meeting took place in the spring semester. Although the meeting did not come to a lot of people, all were successfully negotiated. Overall, the meeting was attended by 22 šalkonieši, but during the evening with his presence honored us by other šalkonieši, are some reasons could not be part of the official.




Rustling Board remains constant composition:

Seniors – Leonid Beluško

Viciseniors – Marcis Cielava

Cashier – Alvis Cimža

Secretary – Santa Rozentāle

Treasurer – Oscar Grīnfelds


Congratulations on post acquisition:

Martha Kalnins – cultural commission heads

Edmund Šepovalovu – sports committee leaders

Ilze minor – Information Commission leaders

Catherine Jaunslavieti, Ati Buttons, Richard Ķepīte – Audit Commission

For the active members were admitted:

Anna Dūviņa, Dace Haide Dzelzkalēja, Marta Kalnins, Saiva Kārkliņa, Sigita Mūrniece, Eve Salmiņa, Ilze Details, Edmunds Šepovalovs, Kristaps Šobanovs, Agita Gabranova

As the only candidate briedrs presented itself Martins Landsman ( Mr. Woods 2014)

Since the composition of the Board remains unchanged, then hope, that mutual cooperation will improve, and all work will be carried out in a timely manner. As well as the joy of

10 new active members, so far already have proven themselves as active young people and hope, that it will continue.

Hand in hand with the work!