About us

Rustling "Society has the following structure:

• Active members (students, currently running student society and not graduated from the Faculty of Forest)
• Vecbiedri ( Forest graduates faculty members)
• Honorary members (people, admitted rustling of scientific progress, for the rest of the students' education and promotion)

Seniors – student association chairman of the board and a representative person, representing the interests of the association and brings them fame at official events, It is a signatory. Seniors are responsible for the whole society going and managed existing commissions, organized coproduction. Seniors chaired weekly meetings and every semester general meeting of members, includes Board. Needless to mention, that the office of the Contractor shall have the leadership qualities and strong sense of responsibility to the "rustling".

Viceseniors – Senior Deputy, seniors replaced in his absence. Includes Board, It has been with the association representing the right to sign. Associations representative person. Also it is the leadership and possess communicability.

Cashier – student association financial manager, Collector, financial documents and annual reports of the compiler and clerk, should be free to acquire specific knowledge. Includes Board, It is a signatory to the association of government and financial documents. A person must have a high sense of responsibility.


Secretary – Society scribe, which recorded the events and decisions, caring for the invitation, Greetings deportation. Includes Board.

Treasurer – supervised "rustling" owned property values, recorded and present shortfall due. A report in writing shall be seniors or vicesenioram.

Information Committee Chair, – person, who cares about the students' self-image building societies in contact with the other institutions, carried out the collection and compilation, manages relations with other countries mežzinību student groups and the International Student Association of Forest Industries. Keep and update information on the Society of the inner life and membership database. Responsible for the invitation, pasveikumu, posters and the like printing establishment.

Culture Committee Head – person, forming the association deal with cultural events, Responsible for the smooth running. A person must be endowed with creative talent and attractiveness, like the communicability

Audit Committee Chair, – chaired the audit committee consisting of three people. The Commission is an independent. Oversee the cashier, treasurer and other, the financial benefits related to association members, activities. The report reads the general meeting of members. For the Head or a member must be a member just jaunpienācis.

sports Committee the host – person, what constitutes a "rustling" internal sporting life, responsible for the organization of the Society of the Faculty-wide sports events.

Student association "rustling" active member– a man with a desire to get away from life pelēcības, acquire new skills in the organization, find new friends and work opportunities, get a chance to express their views, which will also have consequences. Being a part of your active students of the Faculty of Forest Regiment.