Šalkonieši and strong!

Rustling members of any activity shall not be placed in the wind! It also this year again participated in Strongman Run, which took place on May 4 Cinevilla in honor of the Latvian Declaration of Independence Day.

And so we fought, this time more, to vanquish themselves and outdistanced the entire distance, overcoming 33 barriers (The length of the route ~ 9 km) as a united team.

Sunny day, which was especially warm and grateful mighty race, It had registered more than 500 team, from which standings are 11.

The track was tricky; it included a number of wading,(filth, retrenchment, ditches), which quickly exhausted athletes. Brighter memory left in the glass mountain, which no team unity would be impossible to overcome – Glass Hill was 45 degree incline wall, who poured oil and practically neiekarojama. Of course, neizpalika barriers, where jāizlien through the barrels, run across the car tires, jump over cars, jālien through trenches, climb over the log walls, etc..

Participated in the competition of different types of teams- Police Academy, Marine Corps, fire-fighting units, various universities, and joint stakeholder groups for different business representatives.

We say thank you to the company SIA AmberWood, who paid for our team in the race.

Again it proved, that hand in hand we are able to achieve everything, and are to your destination!


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