Miss and Mister Contest

Traditional Forest Day contest, which is looking for the most talented of the Faculty, the most attractive and gallant first-year students, Diana won Supe and Aris Pūseps. For vice-miss and vice-crowned Mr. Elijah Reihlers and Nikita Beluško.



Entrants, presenting yourself, as reasons, why exactly Forest joined the Faculty, said love for nature, the family traditions of the forest sector and hunting, as well as a rich bridegrooms and beautiful girls searches.

Talent show contestants demonstrated his ability to recite poetry, dance in the most diverse genres of dance, ranging from folk dancing to salsa, Actors makings comical episodes and soccer demonstrations. Future Mr. played the saxophone-known tunes, but mis forests fun sketches with elements of theater of sport.

Bright and striking contestants turned fashion show, where students portrayed a celebrity, the audience hall trying to unravel - the new students for football had drawn Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, If Fridas, Olga Rajecka, Mysterious Bina, Zemgusa Girgenson, and other images.

Viewers got the biggest crush on Nikita Beluško, a talent show demonstrated his comic talent, fashion show portrayed Sir Lanselotu, but the audience got Evelina Samson, dancing of country dances and depicting the Pink Panther.


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