Forest berths for the Olympic Games 2014

Olympics Forest berth has already become a tradition. Also this year, the Forest Faculty students had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities athletic and intellectual disciplines.

19. February, all interested parties were given the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games. This time was not shown so much interest in the other years, but thanks to all those, who were not lazy and attended.

Olympics declared their participation 4 team – “ZOLID savages”, “Reduction”, “MZ1” a “Crutch”. The teams were quite active and with great interest and all the forces trying to perform every task with full return. However, the first place team managed to win “ZOLID savages”, represented by Christian Zake, Sigita Mūrniece, Reinis Patmalnieks and Didzis Rozītis. Second place was won by team “Reduction”, which actively fought Aivis Holkins, Aivars Umbraško, Klavs Kreilis and Eve Doniņa. The top three team managed top “Crutch”, represented by Leonid Beluško, Marcis Cielava, Kristaps Cancer and Lelde Herman. Nevertheless, that this team had two players, with a broken leg and jump to the cops, It also emerged from the team's name, these young people are able to prove to themselves and others to, it nev obstacle, to miss this lovely event. Less lucky team “MZ1” (Edmuns Šapovalovs, Katrina Jaunslaviete, Alice Šņore, Sign Tjulina), which did not make the top three, but we express a big thank you for participating.

This matches well individually could test their strength in various tests. However, the best and did Dižvīrs nominations and won Dižsieva Didzis Rozītis and Kristiāna Zaķe.

thank you all, who found the time and willingness to participate!

Saturday Zoo

Already Riga Zoo establishing the origins of the student association "rustling" admitted its lifetime membership. The first Šalkonieši was one of the many, which provided financial support for the Zoo at the establishment.

The glory of taking a life member status, Šalkonieši active now for many years implemented a nice tradition - the beginning of November going to the Zoo territory Cleanup.

This year, talcum held 2. November, been overtaken by the day Saturday, rain uzlīstot only, when all the works already made. In total talkojot 14 active members, all as one recognizes, talc that failed and derived a great amount of positive emotions - even fighting with sharp Krümel Nerima laughter for a moment.

After Darbiņa shit as it was possible to look at free Zoo exposure, and did not miss the opportunity to see the exhibition "Meet - wood!”, led by our own Šalkonietis Kristaps.


Excursion to the bakery “Bears”

May rustling team, Strong start to the glory run 2013, earned a valuable prize - a tour of the bakery "Laci". This option was used in a beautiful autumn day, 26. October.

Small and friendly club 8 Šalkonieši went to learn about bread baking secrets, and was put to work their buns and biscuit-making.

Excursions over realized, that Normunds Skauģis (bakery owner) very industrious and enterprising man, therefore, continue to wish him even more success and success!

Played adventure race 'Cross&Country`2013”

Wednesday, 9. October Forest Faculty student association "rustling" in collaboration with MPS Jelgava held the traditional adventure events in the area 'Cross&Country`2013”. Competition tradition started more than 4 years and this year for the first time since the inception of the race changed the competition venue. It is recognized as good are, because nature itself taken care of the possibilities to test the team unity and spirit of sport - Water to slow him down paths, pond, mound, many impressive width and depth of ditches and good atmosphere. Race start is at LLU 150 anniversary tree planting.

The rally started 6 team; a, although the number of participants this year was not the greatest, had come to the very best. Participants had jāizskrien marked track, throughout its length performance of various tasks - overcoming obstacles buried, enjoying the "Tarzan" across the ditch, jumping with bags, Cone throwing, cutting discs, spēkojoties erudition test and finally direct planējumā the hill - pond and orderly izpeldoties.

Performing track 35 in minutes, for competition winners became the team "Dude" (Artis Dude, Artis Viksna, John Šņucītis, Annette Geduševa). The second most powerful (39 min) It was "Indians nemīž" (Leonid Beluško, League Neija, Rinalds Ash, Edgars Jansons ), but that the third proved itself "Gumpeļi" (Atis Button, Saiva Kārkliņa, Raivis Nīmante, Agris Pobiaržens) with the result 41 minute.

Cross country 2013


We have noted its existence 90. anniversary

Forest Faculty student association "rustling", that its flag gather invites students foresters, founded 1923. annual 29. June. It was then for the first time since then 3. year students expressed the idea of ​​the establishment of the Society of students Foresters. The idea consisted of students meeting, and all were in agreement, that the total work effort and requires, so closely related to forestry students during their studies at the University and also the subsequent operation - outside. All this should be done, establishing a distinctive shutting down student Foresters Society.

Society during its existence were both lows, both highs. At the start 2. World War II, 1940. year "rustling" The operation was interrupted Latvian. It restored 1991. per year, Coming Latvian Šalkoniešu general meeting.

This year, 27. July, sunny day, with fond memories tendencies of previous years, Lielauces manor was celebrated "rustling" 90 Anniversary. The event was honored by the presence of Šalkonieši - vecbiedri, LUA Rector Juris Skujāns Forest and Dean of the Faculty, also Šalkonietis, vecbiedrs Dagnis Dubrovskis.

The event was opened Šalkoniešu created Anniversary Edition - Collection of articles "rustling - 90". It is a pretty book, Festival gift to ourselves, which is filled with our history, people, memories, bright moments and photographs.

"Rustling" The Board reiterates its gratitude to JSC "Latvian State Forests", SIA "Riga Forests", SIA "PK Forest", Dagne Dubrovskis and Juris Skujāns for financial support, given the book in the making.

"Rustling" first 90 drained, many flowers and good wishes received. On Air, active and hopeful future 90! Hand in hand - at work!


New employment act

Saturday, 25. May guesthouse "SOLSTICE" were matches played in the spring semester meeting. It introduced major changes to the active Šalkoniešu ranks - we have a new member candidates, active members, by 100 % changed the composition of the board and commission new leaders.

The newly elected Members of candidates - Dagnija Berzins, Martins Grisans, Marcis Cielava

By active members It became - Arnis brim, Kristaps Cancer, Oscar Zemītis, Oscar Grīnfelds, Alvis Cimža, Leonid Beluško, Santa Rozentāle, Tom Schoenberg and Henry Barvika.


composition of the Board:

Senior Katrina Jauslaviete

Viceseniors Andris Berzins

Secretary of Santa Rozentāle

Treasurer Alvis Cimzes

Treasurer Leonid Beluško

Commission leaders:

Commission for Culture will be led by Kristaps Cancer

Information commission will be chaired by Oscar Grīnfelds

Sports Commission will continue to monitor Arnis brim

Audit Commission head of Atis Button; his authority Dace Clover, Renars Bužoks, Aivars Umbraško

In such great numbers the association definitely ZELS and thrive, so late, go to all the work of the wrist and hand in hand all future semesters!

Šalkonieši and strong!

Rustling members of any activity shall not be placed in the wind! It also this year again participated in Strongman Run, which took place on May 4 Cinevilla in honor of the Latvian Declaration of Independence Day.

And so we fought, this time more, to vanquish themselves and outdistanced the entire distance, overcoming 33 barriers (The length of the route ~ 9 km) as a united team.

Sunny day, which was especially warm and grateful mighty race, It had registered more than 500 team, from which standings are 11.

The track was tricky; it included a number of wading,(filth, retrenchment, ditches), which quickly exhausted athletes. Brighter memory left in the glass mountain, which no team unity would be impossible to overcome – Glass Hill was 45 degree incline wall, who poured oil and practically neiekarojama. Of course, neizpalika barriers, where jāizlien through the barrels, run across the car tires, jump over cars, jālien through trenches, climb over the log walls, etc..

Participated in the competition of different types of teams- Police Academy, Marine Corps, fire-fighting units, various universities, and joint stakeholder groups for different business representatives.

We say thank you to the company SIA AmberWood, who paid for our team in the race.

Again it proved, that hand in hand we are able to achieve everything, and are to your destination!


Šalkonieši helps anniversary organizing cleanup

3. May Šalkonieši participated in the tree planting stands cleanup Forest Research Station research forest Ozolnieku region, dedicated to agricultural higher education 150 anniversary. Basically Šalkoniešu task was to carry out improvement works, await guests, feast with tea, show tools for planting and simple care, so that everyone feels good.

The day was warm, sunny and successful. 2 ha was planted variegated range of trees - spruce, larch, beech and one red oak. In turn Šalkoniešiem this again was one of the measures, which prove their abilities work in a team, bonding, friends, together to laugh and relax.

Served Golden cones

Friday, 12. April, Latvian University of Agriculture in Jelgava Palace Hall was honored forest industry's most prominent people. Gold cone is the highest recognition for the achievements of the forest sector. The ceremony was also attended by our traditionally Šalkonieši.

Annual Award winners received a large gold cone, while the other winners were presented with a small gold čiekuriņš.

Gold cone for lifetime achievement in Latvian President Andris Berzins presented Ligon Bambem, Regina Ivbulis, Rudite Cusco, Jurim Ķeviņam un Jurim Spārem.

In turn, sustainable farming winners Kandava forest owner Viesturs Valdis Dreimanis, Gulbene forest owner Guntis Grīnšteine ​​and Tukums district forest owner Amber Laivenieks. Grand Prix Gold Cone got Amber Laivenieks. The prize was presented the Minister of Agriculture Laimdota Straujuma.

The nomination of the scientific contribution to the development of the industry winners Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute Deputy Director, Testing Laboratory Manager Karl Būmanis, Latvian State Forest Research Institute senior researcher Silava Aris Jansons Ltd and Road expert board member John Kivilande. Grand Prix Gold Cone principal investigator Āris Jansons presented the Latvian Academy of Sciences President, academician Ojārs Spārītis.

Forest Sector Annual Award Gold Cone of innovative entrepreneurship winners AS Elisa K, SIA and SIA Niedrāji Kurekss MR welcomed Latvian Ilmars Rimsevics. Grand Prix Gold Cone got Ltd. Kurekss.

The forest industry has an annual awards ceremony held this year for the ninth time.