Christmas in my room on 2012

Approaching holiday time, that's why, we, Šalkonieši, We organize the traditional Christmas competition 1. Dormitory “Christmas in my room on 2012”. Anyone whoman inmate can be safely taken into the hands of the big broom, clean room in, go in the woods after the trees and bring in the festive room of the smell and feel.

Christmas in my room on

Rustling Jaunkalsnava issuing hunting glory

As a hunting day speech acknowledged our seniors Martins Ailt, Rustling is rich in its traditions. One of them - the rustling of traditional hunting – revived quite recently - four years ago,. Accepted, that hunting involved not only active members and our vecbiedri, but also to invite guests from the faculty and the Latvian forest industry. In total we were really a lot - about 50 engine and hunters.

So hunters, their rifles shoulders, and engines, a large wading tune, 1. December came Jaunkalsnava, to carry away the glory of this hunting. And played.

For special mood hunts took care Gedriuss guest from Lithuania, who embodied the hunts unfortunately endangered Latvian tradition - hunting horn blowing.

This year's first successful shots performed our prospective candidate member Peter Husband, that game was the deer bull. He along with his queen, our active members Dace, also managed to perfectly discharge evening.

From rustling party thank you very much for the successful activities of MPS Director Edgars Šmaukstelim, MPS 'Kalsnava "collective and John Putnam for hunting driver duties, vecbiedriem Maris Gacka and Karl Skrastiņš, Linards locusts, pavārītēm, who fed us delicious, šoferītim, who delivered us back and forth, and all, all other, who helped in the organization of hunting.

Ended shooting competitions

Although very thick not to attend, our organized shooting competitions but issuing. How than – Faculty of better and more sensitive but arrived. During the race there was a fun atmosphere - other rejoiced 1 shoot and get the point, but another hurt, What do these and only 35 section.

As a result 6 girls' competition best was Katrina Jaunslaviete (MZ 3), Dace Clover (MY 4) and Zane Zvejniece (MZ 2). Certainly deserve praise Anna Liepiņa (MZ 3), Ineta Eglīte (MZ 4) and Elina Oak (MZ 1).

Guys fight was fiercer. Among them about 20 people in the competition won by Peter Husband (MY 2), Next best was Reinis Picka (MZ 3) and Tom Sarkanaboli (MZ 3).

Thank Sports Commission and head of Valery Peter arranged for events!

shooting competitions

Šalkonieši again Talko Jaunkalsnava

Working with vigor 9. a 10. November 14 Šalkonieši once again went to Jaunkalsnava hunting cleanup work. Major activists Buku house already arrived 8. November evening. This measure could be seen as an opportunity for future members of the candidates to prove themselves in work and thus get the opportunity to participate in hunting rustling Jaunkalsnava.

The first day was taken ambitious beaver dams mixing works and cutting vārnakāju. In the second day, with local hunting clubs had the opportunity to participate in the hunt engine. Such great hunters and the total number of engines was not long sighted. Since many of Šalkoniešiem this was the first engine hunting, did not pass without a curiosity. One – Ernest almost brought down a deer cow.

This was again one of those rustling activities, where more we acquainted closer to each other, became friends, as well as painting the image of rustling outside Jelgava.

Šalkonieši going torchlight procession

Coterie Šalkoniešu Lāčplēša evening with burning torches and patriotic sentiment went in the traditional torchlight procession in Jelgava. Light your way through the entire city vijoties, march ended at the monument to the liberators of Jelgava Station Park.

Sounds Latvian heart-rending songs and for a moment aizdomājoties, we are able to give each of our Latvia, at the monument was shunted flowers, commemorating the freedom fighters.



There is a lovely land of Mara

So warm the heart is -

The cross on the roadside

Child white flower makes.

Powered brown sand bee

And into flower hum;

Is, wanderer, I want to

Here a moment to pray.

Šalkonieši Talk and enjoy a cold autumn day in the garden Zoloģiskajā

This year, the traditional annual and s / b "rustling" event - talcum Zoo - will take place in an exceedingly late autumn day, 2. November.

For several consecutive years, the most active Šalkonieši considerably large into groups traveling to Riga Zoo, hand in hand in order to agree a joint Fall Cleanup. ToDo is a standard - leaf raking, branch collection, if necessary, any excavation works.

The measure is not only hard working, but also one of the house 'rustling' measures, we better get to know each other, saliedējamies, We learn to cooperate, assist members and just right to spend a day.

After cleanup Zoo administration makes it possible to look at the garden area and explore it from the perspective of Autumn.

Cross Country 2012

For many it may seem - why a person of good will a cold and rainy autumn afternoon to go to the forest, run by Duplo, soaked in the pond and do who knows what else dullības? The answer lies in the, that this man is bushwhacker or simply someone, whom forest is close to the heart.

Thinking about such people, we, Student Society "rustling" in collaboration with the Faculty of Forest and MPS Jelgava, We organize the annual adventure race Cross Country, which, showing team spirit and cohesion, take hurdle track, focus area.

This year 10. October afternoon was really autumn, but it did not interfere with running enthusiasts in great numbers to attend the competition, representing a total of 12 team. It proved to be the fastest team "MK Mole", which started in the Forest Faculty 4. year students John asterisk, Atis Oga, Sarah and Karina Pušpure Cirse. It was also awarded the most attractive team.

Many participants recognized, that the measure every year it gets better and this year the track was a particularly interesting. So let's start to train now, to next year in the woods runners are even more!

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Šalkonieši beaver hunting Jaunkalsnava

No 14. to 15. September Šalkonieši active part in beaver hunting Jaunkalsnava, held, thanks vecbiedram Karl Skrastiņš and cooperation with MPS. Hosting happened hunters house “Buku Life”, the cozy and warm atmosphere was one of the main reasons, why the event was so badly managed.
The first day was mixed beaver dams and surveyed possible locations, where they will be able to live. There we helped local hunting dog Baron, which unfortunately did not succeed with beaver discovery, therefore, the first day of the evening no beaver were still hunted.
On the second day he came to the aid of vecbiedrs GACKA Maris with his hunting dogs and cleats Ronja, which were hunted with the help 4 Beavers.
After a successful hunt and spend good holidays Šalkonieši concluded, that such measures should be organized more often. Not only hunting grounds, but because of the time spent together.

Rustling summer sports games 2012

Again, summer us, Šalkoniešus, palutināja right time and place. 17.-18. August agreed to sports games, which turned out to be a fantastic atmosphere due to the special measures. This is to say a special thanks to active members Atim buttons, who welcomed us into their home in Jurmala, Sloka. Sporting iesildījāmies already on Friday evening with barbecue grills, and sauna drifts, that's why, the arrival of hot and sunny Saturday morning, could only act.

First half of the day we spent at the seaside, playing volleyball, potatoes, swimming and sunbathing, In the evening, it took, common boiling stew, participating in shooting competitions, playing guitar and singing our songs in gold. So after such a great pleasure and nepārsportošanās christened the sports games on lazily - romantic.

Rustling Sports Games

Hunting farm improvement works Kalsnava

Large numbers of activists from rustling 29. to 30. June visited Jaunkalsnava. The objective was to perform a variety of, with the development of hunting-related chores. Hand in hand meadow grass, curls crow's feet, We moved the hunting towers, We are confusing the beaver dams, as well as simply we spent a good time.

Mitinājāmies forest t.s. scientists houses Vesetas river bank. Almost everyone recognizes Šalkonieši, that the measure managed, made a host of positive impression. Therefore,, hopefully, the rustling of follow-hunting will continue to be much more successful!